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Rewarding Renault Group Retailers

for their added value in the value chain

GCRE Award

Since 2021 Groupement des Concessionaires Renault Europe (GCRE) rewards annually once of their European retailer members with the prestigious GCRE-Award. The objective of the GCRE-award is to reward a unique business idea, an outstanding performance or any other retailer initiative that can be seen as an inspiration to other retailers. By this, GCRE contributes to exposure, awareness and recognition of both the individual retailer performance a as well as the added value of retail in general within the Renault Group (eg. Renault, Dacia, Alpine, Mobilze) value chain.

During the year, anyone can nominate a fellow company. From the nominees, the winner is chosen by voting within the GCRE board. At the end of the year, the award ceremony takes place during a physical meeting in the presence of the Executive Management of Renault Group. The winner receives an exclusive trophy, exposure, recognition and eternal fame. 

Award objectives


Increase visibility of Renault Group Retailers towards stakeholders


Honouring skills, developments and entrepreneurship by retailers


Show other retailers new possibilities and transcend ordinary experiences and limitations

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Who will be the 2023 winner?

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The nomination procedure for 2023 is now open! Submit your nominee(s) before the 1st of November 2023 and who knows, maybe your nominee will soon walk away with the prize and receive eternal glory here among the other winners of the previous editions of the GCRE Award. 


Zeeuw & Zeeuw

ZZ Top Academy

The ZZ TOP Academy by Renault & Dacia dealer Zeeuw & Zeeuw is a unique and inspiring dealer initiative. One of the strengths is that the Academy is 100% produced inhouse including own employees. The initiative solves issues on a structural theme that is actual in many of the Renault and Dacia premisses. Both in terms of federating teams, but also in terms of providing a sense of belonging. Important arguments nowadays in solving recruitment issues.


Valckenier Group & Renault Motors


Valanfort is a strategic partnership in which Valckenier Group and Renault Motors have joined forces, skills and competences. This enables them to develop new business models, such as Share4Mobility and an EV battery repair center. It also knows to attract new customers and do business more efficiently, as they are proving through the Alpine Centre Brussels. 

Who would you like to nominate?

As an entrepreneur, director or manager, you understand better than anyone else the importance of recognition and appreciation. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in our nomination process for the awarding of prestigious GCRE awards. The award of for and by Retailer of the Renault Group network. Why is it important to nominate other companies? Firstly, recognition is a powerful tool that can take company performance to new heights. Nominating others gives exceptional companies and individuals the chance to be seen and appreciated for their hard work, innovation and distinctive qualities. This recognition can not only enhance their reputation, but also generate new business opportunities and open doors to growth and success. Moreover, nominating other companies helps build a strong and thriving business community. By celebrating each other’s successes and putting forward exemplary companies, we foster a culture of excellence and inspire others to push their own boundaries.

It is an opportunity to share best practices, build relationships and learn from each other, which ultimately benefits the entire industry. So how can you participate? It’s simple! We are asking you to nominate companies or individuals that you think deserve the recognition. Think of the organisations that have made a difference, developed innovative solutions, are customer-centric, and are pushing the standards in their field. We encourage you to look not only at the big players, but also at the rising stars who deserve to be in the spotlight.

In short, the success of the GCRE award is partly made possible by you! If you are or know a Renault Group Retailer who has delivered an exceptional performance, who has launched a distinctive initiative or who is an inspiration to other retailers thanks to a best pratice, enter it quickly by pressing the button below!

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Terms and conditions

GCRE Award is an initiative from Groupement Des Concessionaires Renault Europe, also know as the European Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilze dealer Association.. The initiative has existed since 2021 and was created by then-President of the Association Sipko de Ruiter. The reason for this was because in talking to stakeholders, it appeared that the added value of the retailer network was not always clear. To break through this, monthly attention is given via social media to various initiatives developed from retailers and there is also the GCRE Award. Whereas the attention via social media focuses on the daily business within the various Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize outlets, the GCRE Award focuses on the bigger, more out-of-the-box and more distinctive activities.